If you’re looking for a way to give your hotel rooms that classic, stylish look, then you should consider investing in TIMOTHY Retrophones. These retro-style two-piece corded telephones come with adjustable ringers and receiving volume control and even last number redial. Here’s why you should invest in these phones for your hotel rooms.

The TIMOTHY Retrophone has an adjustable ringer level, which allows you to choose how loud or soft you want your phone to be. You can also control the receiving volume, so that you never have to worry about straining your ears when speaking on the phone. The last number redial feature ensures that you will always be able to call back quickly if you disconnect accidentally. And, with time break recall, it’s easy to keep track of multiple conversations without having to write down each number or name.

The design of this retro telephone adds a unique style and charm to any setting. Its classic black color fits in perfectly with any décor, from modern offices and lobbies all the way back to traditional Victorian homes. With its eye-catching rotary dial and old fashioned receiver, this phone will make an attractive addition to any setting while providing up-to-date functionality.

Adding Elegance To Your Hotel Rooms

When guests enter their hotel room, they want it to feel like a home away from home. With the TIMOTHY Retrophone, it can look like one too! The retro style of the phone adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any room, making it more inviting and comfortable for the guest. Plus, since the telephone is corded, it won’t get lost or misplaced like a wireless phone might.

Functionality That Exceeds Expectations

The TIMOTHY Retrophone has features that far exceed what most people expect from a phone of its type. Not only does it have adjustable ringer levels but also receiving volume control as well as last number redial and time break recall. This makes using the phone incredibly convenient for your guests. It also ensures that their conversations are crystal clear no matter when or where they are speaking from within the hotel room.

Easy To Use And Install

Another great thing about the TIMOTHY Retrophone is that it is incredibly easy to use and install. All you have to do is plug it into any standard wall socket and you’re good to go! This makes adding this phone to any existing hotel room setup quick and painless – perfect for those who need to upgrade their rooms on short notice or those who don’t want to spend hours setting up new equipment!