The iHome HW2 – Revolutionizing Hotel Amenities



A Wake-Up Call Like No Other

The iHome HW2 introduces a new level of guest convenience, starting with its alarm features. Guests can wake up to their preferred alarm settings, including a gentle ascending alarm volume, making the morning transition smooth and peaceful. Moreover, the HW2 is equipped with a single-day alarm feature that prevents unwanted alarms from disturbing guests’ sleep. It’s all about personalizing the wake-up experience.

Reliability in All Scenarios

In the world of hospitality, reliability is paramount. The iHome HW2 understands this need and comes prepared. The Sure Alarm battery backup ensures that the clock setting and alarm will work seamlessly, even in the event of power failures. This level of reliability ensures that your guests won’t miss important appointments or flights due to unforeseen power disruptions.

Automated Convenience

The iHome HW2 doesn’t stop at providing a great wake-up experience. It comes with automatic features that make life easier for guests. The factory pre-set clock and automatic daylight saving time adjustment eliminate the need for manual adjustments, ensuring that the clock is always accurate. Your guests can trust that the time is on their side.

Charging Made Effortless

The Power of Qi Wireless Charging

One of the standout features of the iHome HW2 is its Qi wireless charging pad. This innovation allows guests to charge their compatible devices without the hassle of cords and adapters. By placing their device on the charging pad, they can conveniently power up their smartphones and other gadgets. It’s a seamless, wire-free experience that caters to the needs of modern travelers.

Rapid Charging on Demand

In addition to wireless charging, the iHome HW2 boasts two 10W USB ports at the front of the cabinet. This means that guests can rapidly charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, the HW2 has them covered. It’s all about ensuring that your guests stay connected without any delays.

Additional Features for Maximum Guest Satisfaction

Daily Dimmer Reset

The iHome HW2 pays attention to the little details that make a big difference. The single-day dimmer feature resets the dimmer settings daily, ensuring that the display brightness always suits the guest’s preferences. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to the overall comfort and personalization of the stay.


Display Control at Your Fingertips

Guests have the freedom to adjust the display brightness to their liking, thanks to the snooze/dimmer button, which offers eight levels of brightness control. This level of customization ensures that guests can create the ambiance they desire in their room.

User-Friendly Design

iHome has designed the HW2 with guests in mind. The cabinet top instructions make it easy for guests to set alarms and use other functions without any confusion. Additionally, hidden buttons prevent tampering with time settings, ensuring that the clock always displays the correct time.

Theft Deterrent

In the world of hospitality, security is essential. The iHome HW2 includes a security tether, providing an additional layer of protection to deter theft and unauthorized removal. It’s a small but significant feature that helps keep your investments safe.

Versatile Power Options

The iHome HW2 is adaptable to various power sources, with a 100-240V power adaptor included. This flexibility ensures that it can be used in different regions and settings, accommodating the needs of diverse hotel properties.

Extensive Reach

The HW2 comes with a generous six-foot power cable with a right-angle plug, making it easy to reach power outlets even in larger rooms or unique configurations.

In the fiercely competitive world of hospitality, every element that enhances the guest experience is a valuable asset. The iHome HW2 Preset Bedside Clock with Single Day Alarm, Fast Qi Wireless Charging, and Dual USB Quick Charging is a game-changer in this regard. Its unique combination of features, from the personalized wake-up experience to convenient charging options, sets it apart as the ultimate choice for hotels. By incorporating the iHome HW2 into your guest rooms, you’re not only providing modern conveniences but also ensuring that your guests enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. Stay ahead of the competition and choose the iHome HW2 to exceed your guests’ expectations, one alarm at a time.