In the modern age of technology, guest satisfaction plays a vital role in the success of any hotel. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, hotels now have the opportunity to enhance their guests’ experience like never before. One such innovation in the field of hospitality is the Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA). This intelligent voice assistant offers a seamless and personalized communication platform that can revolutionize the way hotels interact with their guests.

Empowering Your Guests

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) is designed to provide 100% property-specific answers to guests’ inquiries, ensuring that they receive accurate and tailored recommendations. This personalized touch allows hotels to create memorable experiences for their guests, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Streamlining Operations

One of the most significant advantages of Aiello AVA is its ability to save time and streamline operations. With this voice assistant, hotels can reduce call handling time by an impressive 85.71%. By automating routine inquiries and tasks, hotel staff can focus on delivering exceptional service and attending to more complex guest needs.

Multilingual Capabilities

In the diverse world of hospitality, effective communication is key. Aiello AVA understands this and offers seamless multilingual capabilities. Whether your guests speak Mandarin, English, Japanese, or Thai, they can interact with Aiello AVA effortlessly. This eliminates language barriers and ensures that all guests feel comfortable and understood during their stay.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Aiello AVA goes beyond providing accurate information and language support. It also aims to enhance the overall guest experience. From booking reservations at your hotel’s restaurant to ordering room service or even seeking directions to nearby attractions, Aiello AVA is always ready to assist. This intelligent voice assistant acts as a virtual concierge, making guests’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Seamless Integration

Adopting new technology should not disrupt your existing hotel systems; it should enhance them. Aiello AVA understands this requirement and offers seamless integration with your hotel’s backend systems. By connecting with your existing infrastructure, Aiello AVA becomes an integral part of your operations, simplifying task management and user data analysis. This integration ensures that guest requests and preferences are accurately tracked, allowing for personalized service delivery.


The Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) is a game-changer in the world of hospitality. By leveraging AI technology, it enables hotels to communicate seamlessly with their guests in multiple languages, providing personalized recommendations and streamlining operations. With its ability to save time, enhance guest experiences, and integrate smoothly with existing systems, Aiello AVA empowers hotels to deliver exceptional service and outrank competitors. Embrace the future of hospitality with Aiello AVA and elevate the voice of your guest to new heights.