Safes and Minibars


Protect your guests’ valuables with our in-room safes and organize your property’s signature refreshments with our minibars and accessories.


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Hotel Minibars


Still considered as a great source of extra revenue for all hotels especially those that don’t have 24 hours room service, our minibars are more than just in-room refrigerators; they ensure guest comfort and convenience with their silent operation, minimal labor and energy costs.

In-Room Safes

hotel safes

Our In-Room Safes provide all the roomy space your guests could need for electronic equipment such as a laptop, any medium sized bags and other valuable items.

Fridgestop, a minibar accessory

fridgestop mini bar accessory

Prevent mini bar fridges in hotel rooms from sliding around in their cabinets. It puts a stop to damages, unnecessary repairs and adjustments on an ongoing basis. Installs in seconds.