Sustainable and waterproof charging solutions

phone charger,Wireless Charger
phone charger,Wireless Charger

The best solution to avoid power consumption and protect the environment is a POE network system that delivers voltage over a cable. With this in mind, R1 has eliminated any need for mains electricity with its wireless chargers by delivering juice directly from your phone or tablet via an Ethernet cord. 

Why Choose R1?

A phone charger that can do more than charge your device! Keep an eye on the charging status with this innovative product, and never worry about wires again.

The R1 Wireless Charger allows you to place any Qi-equipped handset within its wireless radius for convenient recharging without having unsightly cables tangling up space in tight living quarters.

phone charger,Wireless Charger

Driven by PoE and easy to install


The Qi open interface standard for wireless power transfer was developed using inductive charging over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) to allow mobile phones and tablets charge from compatible manufacturers.

  • Qi Fast Charge
  • 15w/12v,
  • 1500v isolation
  • Integral DC/DC converter
  • Fully IEEE802.3af compliant POE
  • Overload & Short Circuit protection
  • Secure screw fitting
  • Over-current
  • Over-voltage
  • Overheat Protection
phone charger,Wireless Charger


WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE PHONE – Compatible with IOS and Android Phones as well other divides such a air-pods. etc.

LIGHT INDICATORS – If compatible green lights will appear, if not red lights will appear. Yellow light when fully charged

POWER OVER ETHERNET SWITCH – A network switch that has Power over Ethernet injection built-in. Once a device is connected to the network, the switch will detect whether POE-compatibility and enable power automatically.

ETHERNET CABLE – A structured cable to connect network devices simply and effectively

phone charger,Wireless Charger

R1 is the perfect solution for your guests who are looking to charge their phone without worrying about it overheating or deteriorating faster than they would like. It can monitor how much battery capacity each person has left, cutting off at 100% so there will be no more worries!

R1 power-pad means you can charge your phone anywhere, even when you are relaxing by the bar. Fantastic fit within the hospitality industry. With its sleek design& the fact only one cable is needed, this power-pad is a must have. 

phone charger,Wireless Charger

The need for guest charging points is growing more popular than ever. Traditional electrical cabling can limit your hotel or resort to only rooms in specific areas, but with one cable delivering power as needed, with R1 your guests are able to go into any area from a bar down the hall all the way out by poolside!

phone charger,Wireless Charger