If you are looking to upgrade your hotel experience and add a touch of luxury, then the Oliver Hemming Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock is the perfect solution.

This stylish award-winning speaker clock has all the features necessary to make it stand out in its class, including one-time alarm functions, USB charging, and volume limiters. With its good looks and world-class engineering, the Robin has intuitive controls and refined audio tone. 


Why You Should Choose The Oliver Hemming Robin 

The Oliver Hemming Robin is designed specifically for premium hotels, offering a range of features that will enhance any guest’s stay. Its patented one-time alarm function can be set for specific days of the week or times of day—perfect for those who want to wake up at different times on different days. Its USB charging port allows guests to charge their devices quickly and easily without having to bring along an adapter or charger. And its volume limiter ensures that guests won’t be disturbed by loud music or TV shows during their stay. The Oliver Hemming Robin is also a great choice for those who want a stylish addition to their hotel room. It comes in several color options and is made from premium materials that combine elegance with durability. Its modern design makes it easy to use while adding a touch of style to any hotel room. Plus, its intuitive controls allow guests to adjust settings quickly and easily so they can get back to enjoying their stay in no time. Finally, the Oliver Hemming Robin offers superior sound quality thanks to its world-class engineering. Featuring advanced acoustic technology, this speaker clock produces clear sound with minimal distortion even at high volumes—perfect for those who want crystal clear audio while they relax after a long day exploring the city or attending events in town.

Patented One-Time Alarm Feature

Hotel guests have different wake up times and schedules each day, so this patented one-time alarm feature allows them to set their alarms without having to reset it each night. It also means less work for the housekeeping staff who don’t need to worry about manually resetting each clock after it has been used.

USB Charging Functionality

The Oliver Hemming Robin comes with a USB charging port that can be used by guests while they are in their room. This makes it easier and more convenient for them to charge their devices while they sleep or relax in the comfort of their own room. Additionally, it helps conserve energy in your hotel because you won’t need as many power strips or outlets around the premises.

Volume Limiter Functionality

Another great feature of this alarm clock is its volume limiter functionality which ensures that your guest rooms remain quiet during certain hours of the day or night. With this feature, you can easily control how loud the alarm can go and ensure that there is no disruption or disturbance during certain hours of operation. It also means that your guests will be able to get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by loud noises from other rooms nearby.