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Timex T262

Preset Bedside Clock with Single Day Alarm, Fast Qi Wireless Charging and Dual USB Quick Charging

Made for Hotel

Bedside Clock,Single Day Alarm,Wireless Charging
  • Single Day Alarm prevents your previous guests unwanted alarms from sounding
  • Gentle Wake Alarm wakes sleepers up gradually with increasing volume
  • Snooze button


  • DST switch for automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm wake time in case of power failures
  • Wake to buzzer
  • 2 USB ports on top of fast cabinet 10W Type-A and 18W Type-C
  • Dimmer controls LCD brightness, Hi, Mid, Low, Off

        Timex Display Features

0.9” white LCD display with adjustable brightness

Bedside Clock,Single Day Alarm,Wireless Charging