Vintage phones are a great way to upgrade any hotel, lounge, or office space with a chic and stylish atmosphere.

Our Retrophones are the perfect accessory for any hotel guest room or business lounge, adding an interesting and unique touch that your customers will love. Plus, they offer an alternative to electronic devices—a great way of reducing screen time in public spaces.

Let’s explore how Retrophones can be used to enhance your hotel’s vibe.

What is a Retrophone?


A Retrophone is a vintage-style telephone. These phones are designed to evoke nostalgia and give off a classic look. They come in various styles and colors to match your hotel’s décor. A Retrophone also works like normal telephones—you just plug it into a wall outlet and you’re ready to make calls.

Benefits of Using Retrophones in Hotels

Increased Comfort

Retrophones provide comfort to guests who may miss the convenience of the simple landlines from their childhoods. It’s an interesting way for them to take a break from electronics and still be able to communicate with people outside their rooms without having to use their cell phone or laptop. Plus, they add an extra layer of charm that makes guests feel more at home in the hotel lobby or lounge area.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The unique look of these phones adds style and sophistication to any setting, whether it’s in the lobby or guest room. By adding color and texture, these pieces can really help pull a space together while providing functionality at the same time. 

Reduced Screen Time

With the increased presence of electronics in our lives comes increased screen time which can have negative effects on our mental health—especially when traveling or staying away from home for long periods of time. Retrophones provide an easy way for people to stay connected without having to rely on screens all day long.