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DirectKey™ Mobile Access System

DirectKey™ allows guests to download their key to their smartphone quickly and securely, to easily access their assigned room bypassing reception.  

Using cloud-based key credentialing and Bluetooth® technology, it provides an exceptional guest experience and integration with hotel loyalty apps.  

Onity DirectKey,Mobile Solutions
Onity DirectKey,Mobile Solutions

Your Key Protection 

New cost-effective mobile-key solution for hotels of any size. Key credentials remain on the phone during their stay, so a network connection is not required to use the mobile key.  

Different Requirements, Different Scenarios 

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  • Loyalty App Integration – for hotel brands to seamlessly deploy proven mobile key technology into their loyalty application. 
  • Third-party partnering – for hotels looking to add more value through a mobile key app, without having to make a significant investment. 
  • Onity DirectKey™ app – the cost-effective “ready to go” solution to get mobile key functionality straight away with no additional system developments.  
Onity DirectKey,Mobile Solutions


Advantages for the User

  • No queuing at the front desk 
  • Key credentials remain on the mobile phone 
  • Access from a convenient distance 
  • Enhanced guest experience 
  • Digital expectations fulfilled 
  • An option for all preferences, mobile or card

Advantages for the Hotel

  • Operational efficiency 
  • Loyalty build-up 
  • On-line system capability 
  • High level of security 
  • Convenient upgrades, same door footprint  
Onity DirectKey,Mobile Solutions

Easy Upgrade Process

Onity’s DirectKey module can be retrofitted to existing Onity locks, saving deployment costs and time while maximizing your hardware’s life.  


Backwards Compatible

DirectKey™ is fully compatible with new and existing Onity locks. 

Onity DirectKey,Mobile Solutions
OnPortal Software

Enjoy flexibility with software-based functionality.

Get a scalable solution with a roving check-in option, DirectKey™ integration, and full access management-set up for how you want to run your hotel. You can upgrade existing hardware on your own timeline. 

Backed by a scalable mobile credentialing platform 

Deployed across an installed base of more than 3 million Bluetooth locking devices in multiple industries. 

Superior guest experience 

The DirectKey™ system provides a seamless journey for guests-from parking to elevators to their room-and makes it easy for them to unlock with their mobile key while on the move.