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Dheeraj Chadha, the owner of D Chadha Consulting and the managing director of My Menu UK is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who believes in embracing technology across these sectors not just to optimize performance but generate better quality experiences and processes. His latest venture is called Foodiebay which is an online marketplace for foodies that connects them with chefs from around the world.

Dheeraj Chadha

What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs? He has a philanthropic side too! You can find out more about his charitable work in this interview. Bhavni Shah of Venture Beyond speaks to Dheeraj Chadha about all things food, travel and brings to light a side of Dheeraj you’ve never seen – his philanthropic side!


Source: Postcards & Beyond Ep. 16 – Dheeraj Chadha

Venture Beyond is a luxury and adventure travel company located in London, UK. Officially founded by Bhavni Shah, a travel agent with over 20 years of experience, on 1st September 2019. Venture Beyond specializes in tailor-made trips around the world like safaris, golfing holidays, cruises, retreats, volunteering, and the list goes on… whatever your travel desire, Venture Beyond will help you achieve it.

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