Dheeraj Chadha has been featured in the Asian Voice Newspaper for his innovative work in merging hospitality and technology. With 24 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Dheeraj has launched D Chadha Hospitality Consulting, which supplies luxury establishments such as hotels, cruise ships, spas, and even retirement homes with the latest in cutting-edge leisurely tech. He collaborates with luxury lifestyle brands to provide guest-centric products such as economical wine coolers and compact, stylish yoga-stretch machines.

Dheeraj has a unique approach to reinventing the hospitality sector by regularly upgrading the interior experience. He envisions a wholly integrative app where guests can control every aspect of their room with their phone, from closing the curtains to ordering room service and paying the bill. He also launched the My Menu digital app in the UK, which accentuates the aesthetic appeal of dishes through a reel of tantalizing captures.

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His highlight of the job is traveling and launching products to Brand Standard. A typical consultation involves being approached via exposure and word of mouth, and Dheeraj is happy to dialogue in whatever way the customer sees fit.

Currently, the best market for hospitality is in Saudi Arabia, where they are putting a lot of money into hotels. European hotel markets are still stagnant, and they will have to keep up, especially following the pandemic where hotel occupancy has dropped drastically.

Dheeraj plans to expand his unique brand of innovative hospitality further, particularly in retail. He loves being ahead of the game and always presenting what’s different. Dheeraj also shared his love for Space Invaders, a game he enjoyed back in the Seventies while growing up in Malaysia, where the state of technology was not as advanced as in the developing western world.

In conclusion, Dheeraj Chadha is an innovative entrepreneur who merges hospitality and technology to provide guests with the most exciting and useful features. His consultancy services at D Chadha Hospitality Consulting enhance the experience of prestigious hospitality and recreative joy, and his vision for an integrative app will further reinvent the hospitality sector.