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At D Chadha Consulting Ltd, we provide innovative in-room guest solutions to the hospitality industry by offering the latest products, services, and technologies. We expand our range of products according to the needs of the hotel travelers. With a variety of technological innovations ranging from the common alarm clock to contactless digital solutions, we help satisfy your guests’ desires to a high level of comfort which increases client loyalty to your hotel. 




Chaise Lounge


(Indoor and Outdoor) 


Hotel Amenities

Luxury Bins

Tissue Boxes 

Luggage Racks

Umbrella Stands

Cup Tea On-The-Go 

Hotel TVs

Mirror TVs

Outdoor Screens

Underwater TVs

Bathroom TVs



LED Lamps

Floor Lamps

Wall Lamps

Ceiling Lamps

Hotel Phones

Analogue Phones

Push-Dial Retrophones

Rotary Dial Retrophones

SIP/IP Phones


Alarm Clocks


Wireless Charging


USB Charging

In-Room Audio

Bluetooth Speakers

Nightstand Speakers

Bluetooth Receiver-Amplifier


Clock Radios


Smart and DAB Radios

Bluetooth Radios

Retro Radios


Still Life





Safes and Mini Bars

Digital Safes

Thermo-electric Mini Bars



Wireless Charging

 Solar Charger

PoE Charger

In-Desk Wireless Chargers

On-Desk Wireless Chargers

Charging Stations

 Power and Data Charging Solutions

Power and Data Outlets

Power Outlets with USB Charging Ports


Mobile Solutions

DirectKey™ by Onity

(Electronic Locking Technology)


Mobile Solutions

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Tablet Menu

Online Ordering

Hospitality PPE

UV Sterilizers with Qi Charging 

Safety PPE Kit

 Auto Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers


Hospitality PPE

Non-Contact Body Thermal Scanners

Non-Contact IR Thermometers 

Disinfectant Tunnels

Face Shields



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20 May 2021

City Road, London, United Kingdom

2nd virtual hotel technology summit
HITEC 2021

27-30 September 2021

Dallas, TX, USA

5-8 January 2022

Las Vegas, NV, USA

CES 2022 Consumer Technology Association

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